Conceptual framework of the review on HIV/AIDS-related problems and... | Download Scientific Diagram

The heart of a university’s business is knowledge. Its teaching and research functions are both essentially concerned with knowledge. Its ability to serve
society is based ultimately on its knowledge. Society invests heavily in its universities so that they may accumulate knowledge, transmit it through teaching and training, develop, elaborate and
evaluate it through study, expand and generate it through research, disseminate and spread it through publications and conferences, promote its utilization through engagement with institutions and
individuals within and outside the university world. Although the emphasis may vary from one university to another, each of these knowledge-oriented endeavours is found in every university worthy of the

The presence of HIV/AIDS in a society does not change this mandate. However, the imperious demands of such a pernicious disease necessitate that a university
in a society affected by AIDS recognize that HIV/AIDS adds specific qualifications to its mandate. It is frequently stated that in a world with AIDS it can no longer be business as usual. Similarly, in
a university that serves a society with AIDS it can no longer be university business as usual. The HIV/AIDS dimension must enter into every facet of the university’s business, especially its core

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